Insulation installation

TECO can provide insulation as a part of our work package.

TECO provides a complete range of insulation installation and protection for pipework and fittings, in a variety of high and low temperature applications.

Insulation systems

Installation, maintenance and repair of all insulation and cladding systems including Stenca, Armaflex, Foamglass, Rockwool, Belzona products and Fibaroll. Corrosion under insulation applications, removal/re-instatement for inspection purposes and general installation and repair projects.

Passive fire protection

A wide range of passive fire protection solutions including; cementitious type – Mandolite, Fendolite – requirement to periodically top coat; Intumescent type – Chartek, Firetex, interlocking panels.

We provide insulation of all classes of pipes, tanks, separators, etc:

  • Heat conservation
  • Cold medium conservation
  • Personnel protection
  • Frost proofing
  • Fire proofing
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Passive fire protection

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