Worldwide Operations

TECO has almost 20 years of experience supplying products and repair and maintenance services to the international maritime industry. In this time we have added to our product and service range as well as our industry segments.  We now provide a vast array of products and services to the maritime, offshore and onshore industries, assisting many of the largest international operators.

Over the years, TECO has acquired several marine technical companies and established operations in Singapore, Rotterdam, Dubai and Poland. Today TECO operations are divided into four separate areas, TECO Solutions (Oslo, Norway), TECO Chemicals (Oslo, Norway), TECO Electronics (Skien, Norway) and TECO Maritime Poland (Poland).

We offer high quality and cost efficient repair and maintenance services on marine vessels - while they are in service, alongside, docking or in yard. Our product and service range includes coating contracting, rope access, ship repair, tank cleaning services, tank cleaning chemicals, marine electronics and electronics repair.